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Hi, everyone! I’m kicking off a new series here on Medium on the obstacles data analysts at technology companies may encounter with career growth. The data analyst job role is newer than other job roles in tech. Many analysts in this industry are in entry- or mid-level roles. I wanted to think more about what obstacles the field as a whole will need to address as these analysts mature in their positions.

Here are the top reasons why data analyst career growth is confusing as I currently see it:

  1. It is a somewhat new job role
  2. There is no single…

Discussing Precision and Recall metrics, metric design interviews, and the metric lifecycle

By Zachary Thomas (, Twitter, LinkedIn)

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(This article was originally written as a Quip doc)


If you have a technology product, you’ll want metrics for it too. That’s the advice given by Reddit’s co-founders in this video: you’ll want to track something and its trends to avoid data debt when starting a product. Product and engineering teams at technology companies now view this as conventional wisdom. A product’s success and quality is only as good as metrics that verify it. You can’t improve it if you don’t measure it.

Reading the news and watching movies like The Social Dilemma, there…

Zachary Thomas

Analyst @ Google

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